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Incurred Cost Submission (ICS)

An Incurred Cost Submission is time consuming and sometimes an intimidating chore for accounting staffs that are unfamiliar with the requirements. They can easily tie up your accounting staff causing them to focus on a task that generates no revenue and consumes resources that can be more effectively spent performing necessary functions that are more important to your operations. We have a lot of experience with Incurred Cost Proposals. We use downloads from your accounting system when possible and advanced Excel formulas and functions to increase the accuracy and decrease the time needed to assemble the necessary schedules.

DCAA Audit Preparation and Support

Whether it is an audit by DCAA or another cognizant audit agency, it can be a daunting experience for the uninitiated. We can help prepare you for an audit, be your representative or just be there to help you better answer the questions they may ask.

We are veterans of many audits, and we are very knowledgeable in knowing what auditors will typically ask and require of you. We can even schedule mock audits to help your accounting staff know what to expect during the different types of audits and reviews performed by DCAA and others. We can provide them the confidence, and you the peace of mind, of knowing that you have nothing to fear.
  • Pre and Post Award Audits
  • Accounting System Audits
  • Timekeeping Audits
  • Billing System Audits
  • Incurred Cost Audits

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